October just has a way of asking for balance.

With the cooler air and the beautiful change in the light, it is natural to shift into the creativity of autumn. Balancing the light and the dark, stepping into a new season, and realizing the importance of taking a breath.

Often, our day–and our whole life–is busy and full of tasks. Work, children, spouses, appointments. The daily demands go on and on. It can be easy to forget to breathe.

Take a moment, breathe in the beauty of autumn…

…and breathe out the wounded of a new season.

Meditation is a wonderful way to enhance your mind state, connecting your body and mind to your spirit or higher self. If you’re interested in learning more about meditation, I suggest one of my favorite articles by Leo Babauta. His Meditation for Beginners offers 20 practical tips for getting started with a meditation practice that can be your gateway to mental clarity and self-fulfillment.

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