Thieves Hand Sanitizer


Centuries before a band of four thieves are believed to have bargained for their lives with a recipe, spiritual advisors protected themselves from the plague with essential herbs preserved in vinegar. This preparation was consumed internally and doused upon the body and clothing. However, it is the story of the thieves of Marseilles of the 18th century, caught while fleecing the bodies of plague victims for valuables while protected with their own herbal blend, which became associated with this potent mixture. Timeless in its ability to both protect and soothe, our proprietary blend of Thieves-inspired oil continues the legacy of essential well being via a trusted herbal recipe—a recipe worth the lives of its makers.

Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, & Clove.


63% alcohol, distilled water, witch hazel, organic vegetable glycerin, proprietary blend of organic essential oils.

Apply enough product to the palms of your hands to wet completely and cover all surfaces. Rub hands together until they are completely dry.


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