September and the Passing of Time

by: anonymous

September has arrived. On the 22nd, the Autumnal Equinox occurs, which means days are getting shorter, nights longer, and we are halfway between Summer and Winter. It is so easy to get caught up in the passing of time. However, I know the Truth of who I am. I am an Infinite Light Being having this glorious Human Experience.

Yes, for this life I experience the passing of time. Yet, I know I am neither my body nor my mind. I know my human existence on this planet is just a blink compared with the age of the Earth, and it is young compared to countless worlds in other solar systems and galaxies. At the same time, there is only right here and right now.

So, in this here and this now, I contemplate my required desires and my highest good. I allow my mind to quiet and relax into the slowing of my breath. As I focus on the stillness, I allow myself to picture something in my life unfolding better than I’ve allowed myself to experience to date. I allow myself to feel the joy, happiness, peace, power, freedom, and wisdom I already am in the One Medium of Love. I allow myself to experience perfect health, as my body does what it knows how to do to function perfectly. Breathing slowly and evenly, I allow myself to totally feel life lived with my required desires fulfilled. I feel the gratitude of this experience, and of this knowing. I am filled with the satisfaction of knowing it is done unto me as I believe, and I have created the model of my required desire that the One Power creates and provides.

With this sense of gratitude I release, let go, and let the One Power manifest my desires and my highest good. I expect and see the demonstration of this good in my life each and every day, and I do. I give thanks and it is so.

Best wishes,

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