Growing Pains

I have a dear friend who has committed so deeply to personal growth, that she has physically grown more than an inch. This growth has been the purest form of mind-body-spirt transformation, and I feel privileged to stand witness. Growing taller later in life is the ultimate growing pain.

Expansion, growth, and a clearer understanding can cause the mind to experience the unexpected, as painful as it may be to shed your old layers. The joy that is revealed when you uncover your true self is immeasurable.

I love this poem by my friend Christy Felton:

Growing Pains

Growing in combined passion so quickly,
That the very sinew of our fiber is stretched,
Arms and legs grow until the muscle tears,
Causes us pain.
We ache with growth.
We stretch muscles long atrophied.
Like a balloon
That in our excitement we have over inflated,
And burst,
And we are thoughtful now,
As we piece the strong pieces back together.
Thoughtful with both our cutting blades
And our stitch.
Our honeymoon lasted nearly a year,
But our humanness has come to haunt us,
In our dark places where we hide our ego and fear.
Did we show to much of who we are too soon?
Too entirely?
Hung our dirty laundry like a white flag of surrender?
Only to see that the eyes looking back at us were human too.
We are all growing in this messy late pubescence together.
I check myself, once and again,
To make sure that my backwards halting pull
Didn’t come from the place of ego and fear.
But no.
Our growing comes from a place of cosmic change,
And our bodies must adjust to the germination.
Sometimes a plant must get clipped or pinched
To bring new sprouts,
Which lead to blooms.
So we must embrace these growing pains,
Knowing that we are better by reaching farther out than the stars we can see,
To the stars we are.
Add patience and friction,

And alternate ice and heat.


Big love,


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