How to experience a year? Have you watched a sun rise over a sleeping landscape? Have you tilted your face up to a night sky and had your breath taken from you by the clarity of the stars? We sense it—a year as it moves within us in our daily gestures of love and longing. To truly encounter the moments of a passing year, we here at Magic Fairy Candles, have dedicated myriad days to the task of honoring the cadence of its unfolding.

These eight intriguing aromas and corresponding, interpretive symbols, lovingly embrace the natural rhythm of the earth’s yearly orbit around the sun and how every single moment becomes a chance to once again glean knowledge from our experiences.

Our label symbols for the Sabbats are intentionally undefined. In this way, you may enter simply, by your own desire, and draw from them your uniquely personal inspiration. With each scent we pose a thoughtful question as entryway, we highlight scent notes for your convenience, and introduce you to long-lived celebrations. We invite you to delight in the unfolding year.